Remembering Lawrence King

15-year-old Lawrence King was murdered at school on February 12, 2008.


Friends say the reason was his sexual orientation and gender expression. 


Since February 15th, at,

176 vigils have been posted. And more conitnue….


To view tributes by Ellen Degeneres and a young film-maker, Jeremy E. Love, see videos below. To read more about this gentle person who was taken from us, and learn what can be done in your community to prevent another such tragedy, go to


Help to bring awareness to your community so that all children and youth can live in safe environments, free from hate and prejudice, regardless of their race, color, religion, creed, or sexual orientation. Help us create a safe planet for our children and all people.





a tribute and appeal from young filmmaker Jeremy E. Love


commentary and tribute by Ellen Degeneres

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2 Responses

  1. faggotry…

    Great Read…I really value your information!…

  2. jeremys an awesome guy :]
    he cares so much about the world and the people living on it
    the world needs more people like him!

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