Ellen DeGeneres Backs Her Own PSA on CA Proposition 8 with $100K for Airtime

Popular Commedien and TV Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres who came out several years ago on her prime-time TV series, ELLEN, has filmed a public service announcement opposing the California “Proposition 8” which would recind that states’s approval of Gay Marriage. To ensure that the PSA goes the distance in terms of getting seen, she is putting forward $100,000 for airtime.

See article from The Advocate: http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid63964.asp

Here’s the PSA:

Ellen Opposing Proposition 8 on Leno Tonight:

LGBT People are beginning to win basic rights in some states, and the backlash is predictable. If you think what’s happening in California doesn’t affect you because you don’t live there – get real! This isn’t just a “gay issue” – it’s a human rights issue.

This week the California Teachers Association donated $1 Million to defeat the ballot initiative proposing to ban same-sex mariage.  According to the association’s President David Sanchez, “…its a civil rights issue. We don’t believe people should be treated differently.”

Admittedly, these recent donations are still dwarfed by the tremendous financial resources of the Conservatives and Church groups who supported getting the initiative to the ballot.

Whether you live in California or not, make a contribution to the defeat of Proposition 8 in California.  You can get more information from EQCA (Equality California) and contribute at their secured site. http://www.eqca.org/site/pp.asp?c=kuLRJ9MRKrH&b=4026385

Just click on the DONATE button on the homepage.

If you prefer, you can donate on the HRC website (Human Rights Campaign):


The fact is many national LGBT organizations are focusing funds towards the defeat of this initiative, as well as numerous allied groups and organizations supporting civil rights for all. Find your favorite and HELP MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! -MsQueer

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3 Responses

  1. The amount of money being spent on each side of this PROP 8 “debate” is SICK. I personally do not think my civil rights are up for debate.


    OUR marriages would not cause any families ANY grief beyond challenging THEIR spiritual arrogance. THEIR desire (the “RIGHT” and anti-equality bigots) to deny OUR family civil marriage HAS-IS-and-WILL cause(d) trauma and harm to countless LGBT Tax-Paying Americans.

    This is a culture war, and we’re using the right weapon in the wrong way. DON’T SPEND MONEY for civil rights, WITHHOLD TAX MONEY for civil rights.

    And for any gay young ones out there who can’t wrap their brain around this alleged pain and the need for legal equality, you may not experience it yourself until MUCH later in life, through issues with estate-planning, pensions, hospitalization, property, and death, for starters….creating emotional and financial pains worse than you could ever possibly imagine. Have you not seen the films TYING THE KNOT or FREEHELD?! If not, do so.

    But let’s keep marching and chanting, and now paying….for the “chance” of justice and equality. Look, I understand why people are paying for good PR. But can we step back and look at the precedent it sets for the next 30 years?

    Let’s hold an EQUALITY FUNDRAISER! Pathetic.

  2. I agree. There needs to be a cap on all spending relative to political campaigns whether its for an office or an issue.

    Personally, I would prefer to see the guarantees of Civil Unions for LGBT couples where all the legalities of estate-planning, pensions, hospitalization, visitation rights, property, and death (just to name a few) are addressed in such a manner that there is no question as to the rights of same-sex partners.

    Withholding one’s tax money can be an effective “protest” but it has to be done in such a way – by a prescribed formula – so as to ensure the freedom of the protesting tax payer. To simply throw that out to the uninformed is flippant and dangerous.

    Were you around for the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s? In a country that was founded on the premise of equality we should not have needed to march or protest or lobby for those rights. The fact is when you are bucking the people who hold the wealth and therefore control the politics and the direction a country’s policies and laws take, you may have to reach into your pocket and pull out your pennies, nickels and dimes to fight back.

    It may not be “right” but those are painful lessons that have been learned over the years by those of us involved in the Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and Gay Rights movements. We have met the opposition on their own turf finally and we are holding ground.

    Don’t like it. Change the system. The entire world is on the brink of a massive political, social and cultural overhaul anyway. But let me caution you to one thing: there is a small group of people with an agenda for survival that does not include the general populace at all. Witness Katrina: it’s not that the aid was slow in coming, it was never intended to be there at all until the mass of the American people started protesting and bringing their own aid to those devastated by the hurricane.

    Every step we allow that power group to push us back today will have a dramatic effect on the next 30 years.

    See: The Truth About the Federal Reserve http://debadler.wordpress.com/2008/09/20/the-truth-about-the-federal-reserve/

    See: Does Anyone Really Care?

  3. ellen rocks!

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