A Final Tribute to The L Word from Tibette.com

As I read the “Production Notes” posted at http://www.tibette.com/s6notes.html, I found myself laughing, tearing up, feeling a sense of pride, and experiencing a sense of profound accomplishment – even though I’ve never been directly connected with the show, at least not in terms of being part of the cast or crew or production team.

But I, like countless other Lesbians around the world, feel intricately linked to the show. No, I haven’t lost my ability to distinguish between fiction and non-fiction, although I have come to look forward to looking in on my “friends” at The Planet each week and checking in on their lives. (I’m still, thankfully, able to distinguish between actors and the parts they play – and let me say that all the parts of The L Word actresses have been delightful to watch! Teeheehee 🙂 )

But The L Word, being hailed as “historic” and “an icon” as well as many other superlatives which in my opinion it deserves, has clearly evolved to far more than just “another TV show.” It has delivered an unparelled view of Lesbian Life into the homes of viewers around the world.

Some may argue that these beautiful actresses only represent one aspect of Lesbian culture, but no matter how we look, talk, walk, or love, Lesbians have never been represented in such a positive and revealing way in the history of popular television. People got the opportunity to get involved in the everyday human details of life as friends, lovers, parents, children, businesswomen, activists – just like other people.

To provide an “inside look” that helped people to realize that we are no different than any other humans on the planet trying to live to the best of our capabilities each day and deal with life on life’s terms has done more to help achieve an understanding between “gays” and “straights” in my book than any other single event or rally or piece of legislation. 

Enough of my rantings. I’m going to  miss TLW – and the “final season” hasn’t even started to air yet (officially)!  So to view an awesome summary that includes pieces of interviews with creator Ilene Chaiken, and most of the actresses, and a few “preview tidbits” – you can view it from the link above, or as a pdf below:

tlw-season-6-notes-from-tibette_com (NOTE: Content of this PDF property of Tibette.com)

Enjoy! 🙂


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  1. i loooove lword too 🙂 i hope they make this last season a blast!

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