Study Shows Tolerance Lowers Gay Teen Suicide Rate

Really? 🙂

And now for the real news…Accredited professionals are publishing credible data relevant to gay teens and youth and how to help them survive the hormone years – as if they aren’t confusing enough! – to make it to adulthood as an LGBT person. BRAVO!

So here’s the scoop, courtesy of an excellent story from NPR:  


Credit the Research to Caitlin Ryan, Director of the Adolescent Health Initiatives and her team at the Cesar Chavez Institute at San Fransisco State University.  Well done, Ms. Ryan.  


We are coming a long way. For mainstream medical professions and the media to acknowledge the Gay Youth population and its particulars is a huge step out of the dark ages. Of course the reactionaries are protesting. Let them protest. What are they really objecting to…a message of compassion? That’s the basis of tolerance, not “putting up with” but ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT.  


Christians beware, lest you protest the message from the one you call Jesus, The Christ.  -MsQueer


©2008 All rights reserved. (NOTE: NPR OWNS ALL RIGHTS to its published story.) 

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4 Responses

  1. That’s great news…thanks for the post. My girlfriend and I just made it to MILK, and I had blocked out those hard teenage years…for me it was the 70s and 80s…for Harvey Milk and his friends in Castro-even as an adult-so much harder. An organization that is founded by a friend (The Attic) here in Philly is a safe haven for LGBTQ youth-it’s good to have the reassurance that tolerance and education…and being honest and coming out-if safe-can make a difference.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I will check out The Attic and add it here as a resource. 🙂 -MsQueer

  3. Hi. I’m writing from The Jed Foundation. I was hoping to reach you through email, but coldn’t find one. We are presenting The Jerry Greenspan Student Voice of Mental Health Award for college students who have had mental health issues like the one’s you write about on your site and wanted for you to help spread the word.

    The award is for a video on their experiences with mental health issues and how they are working to raise awareness and encourage their peers on the issue. The award includes a $2,000 scholarship, a trip to NYC to our annual gala in June 2009, recognition through our site and events and possibly appearing on MTVU. The info is on our site (link below).

    We are interested in having you post the information on your blog. We are also interested in having folks write about the importance of doing work like this and show casing, if you will, this award we are presenting.

    Thank you so much for your time and feel free to email me.

    Eman Rimawi

  4. Done! I will be posting your information here at, as well as at some of my other sites. (And I’ve added my email to this site so people can contact me more easily with their information in the future – thanks!) -MsQueer

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