12 Minutes to The L Word Final Season Premiere and Counting!

It is 12 minutes before the Season 6 premiere of The L Word – the much publicized, much discussed beginning of the end that starts with a twist: the murder of character Jenny Schecter. 

“You won’t want to miss the first two minutes of the season opener,” said series creator Ilene Chaiken. 

Apparently most of the cast “missed” the way the season was going to be handled – in flashbacks. In an interview that took place after the show wrapped its filming, actress Jennifer Beals, who plays Bette Porter, shared that they weren’t aware of the fact that the season was going to be presented in the flashback format. (see “Jennifer Beals Thrown a Curve By ‘L Word’ Final Season Change” ) 

This leads me to the next question:  If the series’ final season episodes were shot sequentially and what would have been the last episode opens with Jenny’s murder….does anybody really know “who dun it”? 

In a ShowTime promo featuring cast members commentary, actress Kate Moennig, Shane McCutcheon on the show, made an interesting response to the “who killed Jenny” question, stating that she had not idea and that she felt the fans would have a much better idea of that, and would be determining that. 

So what happens in the end? Does the mystery shift to some sort of online polling place where the fans get to write the outcome and vote on their favorite? If there’s plans for that to happen on Our Chart, the “official social networking site of The L Word” – my guess is, guess again!

ShowTime has already closed down the best features of Our Chart by laying off all the bloggers and feature writers very abruptly at the end of November. Since then there had been no editorial change, no additions, NOTHING FROM CREATOR ILENE CHAIKEN….and a lot of the fans blamed IC for the changes, when it really had to do with the owners of the site, CBS. (ah-hem). 

So the mystery continues. It’s 9:07 EST and by now the “riveting first two minutes” have past (I don’t get ShowTime where I live) and The L Word starved fans are hanging on every minute as though it’s the last because, well, face it…in 7 more episodes that’s precisely it! 

Rumors are flying about a movie, and Jennifer Beals announced the address for fans to write to at the most recent TLW convention in Blackpool, but the fact is that is a few short weeks, The L Word is going to march into the annals of history (and herstory) as a milestone in Television programming. The show has transcended into an icon of the times and undoubtedly there will be DVD sales and annual conventions for years to come. 

But will it all be without Jenny? Or will we discover at some point in the future movie, or “reunion show” that all of this was some sort of fantasy of Jenny’s…a dream…or…what? Stay tuned! -MsQueer

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