OurChart, the official social network of The L Word is Going Dark

That’s right. As of Monday, January 26th, OurChart will be transfering over some part of its site to ShowTime’s site.

Regular posters on the various threads – and there must be several hundreds of them, each dedicated to a character, an actress, social and political issues – you name it, it’s there! – are gathering to say their good-byes and send best wishes to each other. Many are finding other chats to go on to. I’ll see if I can gleen some of the more popular and post them here.  One alternative, Xandrasplace.com, has already closed off additional registrants because they wanted to remain a “small community.” Oh well…

Some of us are planning to hang out on our respective threads to see how the transition goes – sore of like riding into a black hole?

Stay tuned. 🙂 – MsQueer

ADDENDUM: I’ve set up a social networking site for TeeLu fans: http://laurelhollomanfans.ning.com. See you there! 🙂

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