The L Word Countdown to Final Episode March 8th

The L Word goes out with a “bang” – at least in terms of Showtime’s promotional efforts.  Hopefully the plotlines won’t all converge into some wimpy aftermath of the “Who Killed Jenny Schecter” pseudo-mystery. (HINT: TLW Spin-off featuring Leisha Hailey is set on a prison farm with Alice as an official “guest.” Coincidence?)

Anyway, there will HRC Parties (see: around the country to view the 2 hour-long finale including an hour-long cast commmentary/farewell special immediately folllowed by the finale episode (until the movie).

Meantime, here’s a preview of the final “splash.” (No pun intended). 😉 -MsQ

!!!!SEE SPOILER CLIPS of 608 at

NOTE: Video property of ShowTime and The L Word. I OWN NOTHING.


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