The L Word Season Finale Cast Interviews

Here’s interviews with TLW cast members Mia Kirshner, Laurel Hollowman, Leisha Hailey and Jennifer Beals, courtesy of ShowTime. (Also Rachel Shelley and Alexandra Hedison below).

Mia Kirshner:

Laurel Holloman:

Leisha Hailey: 

Jennifer Beals: 

Here’s one from Rachel Shelley talking about her character (Helena Peacbody) in Season 6 and a spoiler announcement regarding “Dylena” in Season 6:


ALL VIDEOS ARE THE PROPERTY OF SHOWTIME AND THE L WORD. No Copyright infringement intended. I own nothing!

For Season 6 Interviews/Podcasts go to ShowTime’s official L Word site (click on link here).


See Spoiler clips of 608 at


Vote for who you think “Who dunit?” at


©2009 All rights reserved. (All Rights to Videos belong to ShowTime and The L Word).
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