Who Killed Jenny Schecter Revealed? (PLS Take part in the Polls)

see MsQueer’s “End of The L Word Tribute to “6 Wild, Wonderful, and WTF? Years” :



Many of us TLW fans have been discounting the “mystery” aspect of the “Who Killed Jenny Schecter?” season-long story line with the publishing (prior to the actual beginning of aired episodes, I might add) of the Leisha Hailey “spin-off” featuring the lead character Alice in prison. Hence the naturally assumptive conclusion: it was Alice?

That’s assuming that creator Ilene Chaiken is following a logical progressionfrom this The L Word to the new “spin-off.”

Okay now, fans – think about this. When in the last 6 seasons have we experienced IC to do anything remotely logical with the plot of this show? If Our Chart was still alive, you could go to any thread to witness the ranting and ravings of various character’s/actresses’ fan following with regard to IC’s latest ridiculous manipulation of the plot.

So now, in the last episode, we’re all anxiously awaiting and expecting…logic? Normalcy? Closure?

What a’ ya – NUTS?

Keep in mind, everyone has their eye on the MOVIE. Truthfully I wouldn’t put it past IC to have created some sort of weird dream sequence or some other plot twist to resurrect Jenny in the final moments. I mean with her, WHO KNOWS?????

Look at the promo for 608 from ShowTime. Almost looks like Bette takes a kitchen knife to go after Jenny. But look more closely. Not Jennifer Beals’ nose. (Hey, it’s a dimly-lit scene). Nope, it looks more like Dylan’s snotz. But again, these cleverly editted clips are probably not related as they are being presented in the teaser. They’re just a great tease.

Personally, I don’t think we’re going to find out. The actors all appear to not know in the interviews. Goddess knows, IC won’t knock off the people we’d like to lose..like Adelle, or William. 

Oh, and by the way… with one episode left, where exactly is Carmen supposed to show up? (Wasn’t she scheduled to return this season?)

More mystery… Sigh! 



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