End of The L Word – A Tribute to 6 Wild, Wonderful and WTF? Years…

Alas, its beginning to settle in…the finality of it all (at least in terms of first-run episodes)…that is until the “Spin-off” and then the MOVIE (click here to Sign the Petition Now)

Yes, that underlying sense of feeling “lost” I’ve been experiencing since the final crazy, frustrating, sexy episode 608 bringing down the curtain on the life of character Jennifer Schecter, portrayed by Mia Kirshner, and the History-Making/Herstory-Making  ShowTime Series The L Word is because I’m in mourning.

It’s not like the characters all died – just Jenny. (And, even as irritating as Jenny could be, and vindictive in the final season, I will miss her. I’ve always had a soft spot for the crazies, the tortured, and actress Mia Kirshner gave us one wild ride through a very complex character over the seasons!)

But I can’t shake the overwhelming sensation of loss.  Like I just moved away from all my friends. Call it quirky…and, no I don’t have difficulty distinguishing from fiction and “reality.” But as a Lesbian who has been out for over 30 years, I personally took on a sense of community as I have followed these lusty Ladies over the past 6 years. (Well, okay – so it’s actually been the past 4 years, because I didn’t discover the show right away.)

I didn’t gather with other Lesbians to view the show in a bar or someone’s home. I can’t even get ShowTime where I live (don’t ask)…so I’ve had to rely on the segmented posts of loyal fans at YouTube to see each new episode! Faithfully every week I’ve gone to the internet soon after 10:00 pm EST eagerly awaiting the first posts, so I could view the show.

I, like so many others, came to identify this circle of friends from West LA as a part of my life. I  joined in with them at The Planet, at Hit (renamed in the final season after Kit and Helena became owners of the She Bar).  I looked forward to looking into their lives – drama and all! – each week.

Maybe for me, it was because I don’t travel in a circle of Lesbians. I live in community with straight women and men dedicated to personal, professional and spiritual development. The focus here isn’t sexual identity. Although we’ve had Gays and Lesbians on staff in the past, and the organization is LGBT-friendly, I’m the only LGBT person here. So, because I live in a fairly remote location, 2 hours away from any city with an LGBT Center,  the gals of TLW were my “Gay Community” connnection.

The L Word isn’t just going to fade into the ethers. It’s become a Pop Culture Icon. There will be annual conventions, the DVDs, the “Spin-off” (although it will be a very different story line with just Alice as a carry-over) and potentially a movie on the wide screen – just imagine those Tibette Love Scenes! 🙂 But I still feel like I’ve been abandoned. I still feel sad.

Maybe Creator Eileen Chaiken wrote the most irritating ending she could possibly have imagined just to help people through their grief – you know, leave them hopping mad and maybe they won’t feel their hurt so much? Who knows? The ending was pretty lame, like the whole season – but the sex scenes were sure great, weren’t they?

And Tibetters got what they wanted so desperately…Tina and Bette together, and OMG!! — HAPPY!!! (Well, as happy as you can be with a dead friend in your pool.) But, you get the picture.

I miss my friends. I’ll get over it and life will go on. I’ll keep checking YouTube for new videos from creative fans and post them here. And there’s always the DVDs and endless discussions on the message boards where fans gather to dissect episodes with amazing attention to detail!

Maybe I’ll go check out that LGBT Center. Who knows?

Here’s the Finale Special:

Funniest Quotes from Season 6

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2 Responses

  1. I’m afraid the L Word was always more of a fantasy for me than anything else. The women were way too beautiful and the scenarios were too cliche.

    Jolie du Pre
    Meet Her Here

  2. Hey MsQueer,

    While our experiences are far from the same, I too am in mourning over the show’s coming to an end. The characters have become part of my landscape, if not really my friends. Some would say I have been more invested in them some days than my real-life friends.

    Still, even with a wonderful out community in Montreal, and living out for over 20 years now, the thing I’ve taken away from the show is a bunch of wonderful new friends from around the world. All fascinated by the show and the characters, just like me. Most frustrated with Ilene Chaiken’s last take on the characters, just like me.

    Like you, I look forward to fan fiction and fan videos so that I can enjoy my favorite Bette again… how I miss her so already. I can’t get my mind around “no more new Bette”.

    At this point, like you, 4 years later, I can’t imagine that I’d never heard of fan fiction or a fan video before this show. Now well, let’s just say to feed my addiction and say we feel your pain, to all the fans out there, alice’schart.com just launched a video making contest. I hope LOTS of video makers from all the sites will join in, because 1. they are so wonderful and 2. I need a fix.

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