Are Attacks on Our Allies Attacks on Us?

When allies are defamed, why should we care? What’s the first question that pops up in the ensuing conversation? Is she/he gay? Now mind you we’re talking about a conversation taking place between two (or more) LGBTQ persons. So we don’t want to be labeled, profiled, judged, etc….but what do we gravitate to? You guessed it.

How many of us realize that we could not have advanced as far as we have come since Stonewall without the love and support of straight friends, family and associates? Our Allies. How many of us can relate from a very personal place what it means to be unfairly judged, have blatant lies tossed at us; to be defamed to our family, friends, associates, and the public at large? Well, the good news – if you can call it that – is that it’s not just happening to LGBTQ folk these days. The bad news is that it’s still happening at all.

One case in point is that of Parisha Taylor. I have worked with this woman for almost 25 years. I know of NO ONE more inclusive, more of a friend and ally to the LGBTQ community. She has been hounded by a yellow journalist creep, Michael Sangiacomo, and the Cleveland Plain Dealer, for over 20 years now. Why? Because she dared to expose their connection to a man who misappropriated funds and goods that were supposed to be donated to an Indian reservation in the southwest. Things were fairly friendly between Parisha and the boy barracuda Sangiacomo up to that point, but after that little departure in ethics, things started to tank.

Over the last twenty years Sangiacomo has periodically harassed Parisha, and the humanitarian organization which she founded and later turned over to the capable leadership of associates.

Grandmother Parisha’s Native heritage, which has been verified, was attacked by Sangiacomo and his rag, with the help of some local AIM boys who jumped on the bandwagon, probably to take focus away from the fact that they were selling CDIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian or Alaska Native Blood) Cards for $150 to whoever wanted them, doing drugs and engaging in other criminal activities.

Now Sangiacomo and his yellow press rag are at it again 20 years later. Why? Because Parisha Taylor has become active in Kingman AZ helping to create job fairs and assist out-of-work people to get on their feet and offer the city of Kingman encouragement in economic growth. Wow – that’s sinister, Mike! WTF????

As LGBTQ people we have had lifetimes of being harassed by cretins like Sangiacomo, who has on numerous occasions been exposed for writing “interviews” containing “quotes” from individuals he NEVER SPOKE WITH. They prey on whomever they can to get a sensational story – doesn’t matter if they have to make up the details because all the lawyers will tell you it’s next to impossible to prosecute a libel suit, and it’s next to impossible to get a retraction. So the press gets a free ride at the expense of whomever….Is that what freedom of the press is supposed to be about?

I’m speaking up as a woman who has been out as a lesbian for over 40 years. I believe that we owe support to those who have supported us. We’re all in this together – and when one of us is attacked, it affects the whole.

This is a 20-year old smear campaign that reporter Michael Sangiacomo has carried out despite evidence that all he has “reported” were lies and rumors from uninformed sources. His UNSUBSTANTIATED accusations, blatant lies and attacks are made against people I consider my extended family, people I have been affiliated with for over 25 years in a non-profit humanitarian organization that has always been dedicated to helping people empower themselves through continuing education, personal and professional development and spiritual growth.

Parisha Taylor’s accomplishments speak for themselves. She has dedicated her life to assisting others –as individuals, communities, nations and globally. Mike Sangiancomo is a scumbag who has advanced the practice of yellow journalism into the 21st century where it doesn’t belong. I am encouraging my LGBTQ family to write to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and let them know that wantonly destroying peoples’ lives is not acceptable. This is a call to action. This is an ally who has been there for us. Time to reciprocate.  -MsQueer, aka Deb Adler

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