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  1. For the lovely lady who runs this site: I ran across this site when I read of the very brutal treatment of the olympic diver in Britain recently. I have to object to the article’s claim that the “christian right” in America is encouraging this kind of thing to remove all homosexuals from schools or elsewhere. That is a lie…I a Christian Democrat who had protected the rights and very existence of several of my friends who happen to be homosexual and one who isn’t but is “perceived to be”. I’ve gone to the wall. literally, with several of the locals who started to use their fists on them and had the pleasure of stopping them and keeping them under school surveillance. If anyone is encouraging this it is the school officials who ignore, blatantly, any law or rules of conduct, written or unwritten. As an American and a Christian I feel the duty and the desire to protect anyone who is unjustly attacked, “straight” or otherwise. I will continue to do so…and yes, I am a large human being and use my size for the betterment of others. Good luck to you in the coming years…!!

    • Your points are well taken and I appreciate anyone who works in favor of human rights and respect. If you are a Christian Democrat, I’m not exactly sure why you would identify with the “Christian Right.” However, as a friend of mine once wrote in a song, “Labels are good for canned beans…but not for people.”

      Clearly there are those whose announced agenda is to hurt and yes, kill, homosexuals. We all need to rise above the judgements and work together to preserve the rights and dignity of ALL individuals. I applaud your seeing yourself as the Protector. I wish you only good things is your journey!

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