More Info to Help Save The Criminal Minds Ladies
June 20, 2010

Here’s more ways to make yourself heard. This is about Sexism in its most blatant form. Get on board and help these women out. We will be heard!

1. The petition to keep Paget and AJ on CM full time:

And here is contact info for CBS people:

Email CBS

Email addresses for:

President and CEO, Les Moonves:

President, CBS Paramount Network TV, David Stapf

President, CBS Paramount Network TV Entertainment Group, Nancy Tellem,

Executive Chairman and Founder, Sumner Redstone

The company, it’s divisions and it’s division executives are listed here:

Email or call all the of the affiliates

2. Call CBS and tell them or leave voicemail: (212) 975-3241/3247/3245

Call CBS Paramount (323) 956-5000

CBS Executive Comment Line: 323-575-4913 CBS Television City 323-575-2345

3. Contact the Executives at CBS.

Ms. Nina Tassler, President CBS Entertainment 7800 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90039-2112 (323) 575-2747

Mr. Kelly Kahl Senior Exec VP of Programming CBS Television Network 51 West 52nd St. New York, NY 10019

Someone in another thread spoke with this woman, Melissa Perez, and she indicated that the flood of calls and emails are making a difference! Email her!

Poster on another site shared this phone number for CBS (212) 975 3247 said they actually spoke to a person.

REMEMBER TO BE RESPECTFUL. Swearing and rude attitudenal language will not help. (You can throw darts at your CBS Eye Target later!) 🙂

For the complete text of the fax letter I sent to CBS President of Entertainment yesterday, see:

Stay Tuned!

-MsQueer 🙂

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CBS Screws Criminal Minds Actresses
June 19, 2010

This one may look like “fluff” on the surface, but the overtones of sexist bias and discrimination is just too much to look past.

details at

I will be providing updates here as well at my other blogs. In the meantime, help some talented kick-ass women fight back their employer’s unfair labor practices. Sign the petition to  Keep A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster on Criminal Minds at

Thanks! – MsQueer

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2nd Gay Commercial Banned Gets My Ire Up
February 7, 2010

As much as I celebrate that the guys dating service commercial got rejected…

( see


Let’s see…we have a super-sized Afro-American portraying a retired football player who goes into the business of designing and selling specialty women’s dresses.  It shows him with the ladies and the dresses doing the obvious “effeminate” thing (shame on Go-Daddy for stereotyping) but falls short of having him in drag or mounting another guy.

So once again I say… WTF????

BTW…CBS WILL be airing an anti-abortion ad by ultra conservative organization “Focus On The Family” when five years ago it REJECTED an ad  from the United Church of Christ which featured a gay couple, citing their policy of dis-allowing “advocacy ads.”

So can anybody say…”Flip-Flop?”   (Or does that only apply to “liberals?”)

Here’s the contact info for CBS. PLEASE SEND YOUR REACTIONS TO THIS BLATANT DISCRIMINATION! Tell them you’re going to pay very close attention to the sponsors they do run on Sunday and BOYCOTT them.

Chris Ender
Senior Vice President, Communications, CBS Television

LeslieAnne Wade
Senior Vice President, Communications, CBS Sports



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Weighing in on the banned Gay SuperBowl Ad
February 6, 2010

Saw it. Thought it was stupid. Glad to see it got banned.

Of all the things we could have gotten across to such an enormous viewing audience…we’re going to promote “mancrunch” dating site?

Let’s see…A guy jumping another guy because they both reach for the same potato chip…hmmm…. W.T.F.?????

My real question is who wrote the ad? Some straight guys who wanted to present the LGBTQ community in the worst possible light? GLAD IT BACKFIRED!

Comments welcomed 🙂

As always, yours for a song, but not just a fuck…


©2010 All rights reserved.

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Pink Sofa Free to American Lesbians (NOT a paid announcement)
June 13, 2009

This is NOT a paid announcement:

For a limited time, the Pink Sofa lesbian chat site is offering 12 months free membership to their American sisters!

You can find MsQueer there as “Greatdoe.”

This is  a great chat site, well-secured, that operates on a premise of helping lesbians to connect. Don’t look for sexually explicit posts here because they’re not allowed. But you can message, flirt (by sending “smiles”) and participate in live chat rooms with lesbians from all over the world.

To find out more, click on the link below:

Lesbian Dating, Lesbian Chat, Lesbian Personals

©2009 All rights reserved.

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Laurel Holloman Picks Up Bravo A-List Award for TLW Elevator Scene
April 17, 2009

Watch Laurel Holloman’s awesome and sassy acceptance speech at the 2009 Bravo-TV A-List Awards Ceremony.

The Awards Ceremony, which was filmed on Sunday April 5th at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, marked the second year Bravo chose to celebrate “the best in food, fashion, beauty, design and pop culture. The awards honor those who have made an unforgettable mark in the arts and showcase some of the leading creative minds in today’s society.”  (taken from:

Winners were determined by online voters.

The L Word’s Laurel Holloman and Jennifer Beals took the prize for

Presented to the couple that made our windows steamy and our TVS fog up.”

with the infamous TiBette “Elevator Scene” from Season 5. (Incidentally, they beat out 4 other nominees, all hetero couples!) 

🙂 MsQ

©2009 All rights reserved. (NOTE: Video is property of Bravo-TV. No copyright infringement intended)

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Laurel, Leisha and Rachel at 2010 The L Word Down Under Con
April 15, 2009

The 2010 L Word Down Under Convention will be held at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre located in Sydney, Australia.

Actresses confirming their intention to attend thus far are Laurel Holloman, Leisha Hailey and Rachel Shelley.

Comedienne Poppy Champlin will host.

For more details, view the full press release here. (link)

UPDATE: 6-21-09

Marlee Matlin joins the cast members planning to attend.

Tickets on sale NOW!

For more details, view full Marlee Matlin press release here. (link)

For more details, view full Tickets on Sale press release here. (link)

©2009 All rights reserved. (NOTE: Content of The L Word Down Under Press Release is sole property of United L Events Inc. No copyright infringement intended.)

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L Word Convention to be held in Sydney, AU January 22-24 2010
April 7, 2009

This press release was first published March 15th 2009. MsQueer is pleased to be one of the sites that will be providing updated information regarding this exciting event as it becomes available!

United L Events (ULE) today announced they will  hold  The L Word Down Under Convention,  featuring actors from the critically acclaimed, ground breaking lesbian drama THE L WORD.   The show chronicles the lives of the iconic characters that have played a pivotal role in changing the cultural perceptions of lesbians and the transgender community both on and off the screen.
Actors, Laurel Holloman (Tina Kennard), Rachel Shelley (Helena Peabody) and Leisha Hailey (Alice Pieszecki), have confirmed their intention to attend the Convention.   ULE are currently in negotiations with three further actors from the principal cast of the series to attend.

The Convention will be held in Sydney on the 22nd to the 24th January 2010.  United L Events

“It is a privilege to be able to hold a Convention of this stature in Australia in particular for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community” says Executive Officer for United L Events, Julie Anderson.  “The L Word’s large and loyal fan base is passionate about the show and its characters, as evidenced by the expressed interest to attend and previous Conventions held abroad, they are excited about the prospect of attending this inaugural event.”

Anderson said “The L Word Down Under Convention will provide an opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with the actors from the show.” ” Fans will be able to ask the actors of The L Word a question about themselves or the show, be photographed with their favourite actor, have a chance to get their autograph as well as meet other attendees from across Australia and abroad.”

In six seasons, The L Word has generated a devoted audience as well as critical praise for its provocative, sexy storylines, and the outstanding performances of the principal cast.  The groundbreaking series follows a group of Los Angeles based friends as they navigate careers, families, friendships, inner struggles and romantic entanglements.   Since its debut, the series has become part of a global popular culture, generating its own social networking site (, dedicated fan web sites and blogs, together with L Word ancillary products.

Further details about the Convention visit 


The L Word Down Under









©2009 All rights reserved. (NOTE: Contents of Press Release sole property of  United L Events and The L Word Down Under.)

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The L Word in AfterLife…The Interrogation Tapes
April 5, 2009

Just in case you weren’t frustrated enough by  The L Word’s final truncated season (only 8 episodes), with the cheap way creator Eileen Chaiken chose to create a “murder mystery” storyline running through the entire season (unbeknownst to the actresses themselves), and the ultimate question of  “Who Killed Jenny Schecter?” remaining unanswered in the final moments….you have still another chance to want to throw shoes at your TV set (or, at least at your laptop or PC) by watching ShowTime’s post-mortem exclusively released on the ShowTime L Word website “Interrogation Tapes. “

We are enticed to watch for a new suspect every Monday. Woo-Hoo!

So far, these torturous clips (for those watching, not the characters being interrogated) have taken most of the characters to new lows.

There’s Shane the pyro, who apparently set fire to her own shop; Bette, who in one of the wussiest moments I’ve seen her in so far, proclaims her angst at Tina not asking if she (Bette) wouldn’t want to give birth to their second child, and Tina sharing how her sister used to have sex with her when they were children, thus relegating Bette to being her “second” as opposed to her “first” female lover- as she has maintained all along.

What’s really sad is that these “confessions” seem totally out of context and betray the actresses, not to mention what they have established with their characters over the prior 5 seasons.

On the other hand, Sgt. Duffy making a pass at Helena was playful, and …oops, too bad the male cop had to come back into the room to interrupt what might have been the Sarge putting a move on her suspect! 😉

Now that “The Farm” is not going to be picked up by ShowTime, the whole reason for Alice being the prime suspect is really, well…suspect.

Too much cheap commercialism has clouded what could have been a strong finish for this milestone television show. Kudos to all the actresses who carried on their roles with grace and, well, of course…drop dead sex appeal.

You can view the carnage at

or, view them here if you can (if not pulled by Big Brother ShowTime already offering reruns by pay-per-view).







HELENA (my vote for most entertaining)








You be the judge…. -MsQueer


© All rights reserved.


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ShowTime to Pass on The L Word “Spin-Off” The Farm
April 3, 2009

According to AfterEllen, who got it from the Entertainment Weekly Variety, ShowTime Network Execs are no longer considering picking up the “L Word Spin-Off” The Farm, which featured Leisha Hailey, portraying Alice Pieszecki, in the pilot.

Apparently, the actresses had no idea as they were filming the final season that this huge “Murder Mystery” was going to involve the entire season. Afterall, they shot the episode with Jenny dying last.  Thank Eileen (series creator, Eileen Chaiken) and the Editing staff for the way it came out in the end – with us seeing Jenny being rolled out past the L Ladies in Bette and Tina’s living room in the first few minutes of the first episode aired of the final season. Then we had this whole ridiculous “Who Killed Jenny” B.S. culminating in….(drumroll)…..NOTHING!!!!!!!

Watched any of those interrogation tapes that ShowTime is running now? New material, shot at the time of the final episodes, and – quite frankly – pretty lame stuff. (So I can’t exactly say that I’m dissappointed that it wasn’t included in the actual epsodes, as some fans have suggested in comments.)

The REAL Murder Mystery is WHY IC MURDERED A GREAT SHOW WITH A BULLSHIT ENDING?????  The actresses and the fans deserved better.

R.I.P. The Farm? Maybe ShowTime Execs recognized that Alice murdering Jenny, which was the foregone conclusion with Alice landing in this form of prison, was too far-fetched for most fans to take. We as fans have been dealing with credibility issues from IC for 6 seasons now. Guess the ShowTime guys finally caught on. Well, at least we’ll have the DVD’s.

Now, let’s make the Movie dealing with something besides the “Great Mystery” – OK IC???????

Here’s the Variety Article as it appeared online yesterday:

Variety reports ShowTime passing on The Farm


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