ShowTime to Pass on The L Word “Spin-Off” The Farm
April 3, 2009

According to AfterEllen, who got it from the Entertainment Weekly Variety, ShowTime Network Execs are no longer considering picking up the “L Word Spin-Off” The Farm, which featured Leisha Hailey, portraying Alice Pieszecki, in the pilot.

Apparently, the actresses had no idea as they were filming the final season that this huge “Murder Mystery” was going to involve the entire season. Afterall, they shot the episode with Jenny dying last.  Thank Eileen (series creator, Eileen Chaiken) and the Editing staff for the way it came out in the end – with us seeing Jenny being rolled out past the L Ladies in Bette and Tina’s living room in the first few minutes of the first episode aired of the final season. Then we had this whole ridiculous “Who Killed Jenny” B.S. culminating in….(drumroll)…..NOTHING!!!!!!!

Watched any of those interrogation tapes that ShowTime is running now? New material, shot at the time of the final episodes, and – quite frankly – pretty lame stuff. (So I can’t exactly say that I’m dissappointed that it wasn’t included in the actual epsodes, as some fans have suggested in comments.)

The REAL Murder Mystery is WHY IC MURDERED A GREAT SHOW WITH A BULLSHIT ENDING?????  The actresses and the fans deserved better.

R.I.P. The Farm? Maybe ShowTime Execs recognized that Alice murdering Jenny, which was the foregone conclusion with Alice landing in this form of prison, was too far-fetched for most fans to take. We as fans have been dealing with credibility issues from IC for 6 seasons now. Guess the ShowTime guys finally caught on. Well, at least we’ll have the DVD’s.

Now, let’s make the Movie dealing with something besides the “Great Mystery” – OK IC???????

Here’s the Variety Article as it appeared online yesterday:

Variety reports ShowTime passing on The Farm


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