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When Bullies Rule

There’s been a lot of attention given to bullying lately – particularly because of the seemingly overwhelming increase of teen suicides. It isn’t just about sexuality. One girl took her life last week because the teens in her school were bullying her over the fact that she was a foster child.

Bullying is not just about school kids. It takes place every single day – in homes, at work, in stores, restaurants, public transportation. It seems to be everywhere.

It can be subtle. Like the threats that are made against someone when they state an opinion that someone else doesn’t like.

Really? I thought this was the “Land of the Free.”  Isn’t “Freedom of Speech” one of our “Bill of Rights?” Am I only free to express my opinion when YOU agree with it?

What I find not just objectionable, but totally unconscionable is when someone’s objection to my opinion gets taken out somewhere else.

First of all, that’s cowardice. If you’re too chicken to get in my face – then you need to zip it. Definitely don’t look for justification to carry out your agenda by blaming someone else for what I write.

My opinions are my opinions and if you have a problem with those then you need to see me. If you don’t have the backbone to come to me directly then you need to just slither on down the road and not even try to bother anyone else.

I’ve been writing this blog for several years now. I look for timely news stories and I comment about them. My sources include conventional network media, syndicated media outlets, LGBTQ media and my own internet searches. My opinions are my opinions. I don’t need anyone to tell me what to think or what to write.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a “kontactr” link at the bottom of my blog. That’s where you go to send me an email. Or you can use the comments box.

Cowards beware. Deal with me direct or STFU.


DISCLAIMER: All the opinions expressed in any articles, blog posts and Internet content written by me are my own and do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of any individuals or organizations with whom I associate.

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When we as LGBT persons heal our own self-image and gain a sense of self-respect for ourselves as equal children of Creator, we will have the respect of others because we respect and love ourselves.

©2008 MsQueer.com. All rights reserved.

comment to: Fear Sucks by Pat

Yes, fear does suck. Unfortunately, when we give into it, the “other side” wins.

It takes courage to “brand” yourself – particularly in an isolated area such as you are describing.

Consider this:

1. Most of the people where you live probably won’t know what it means.

2. The HRC symbol stands for more than just Gay Rights – it’s a symbol for HUMAN Rights.

No, I’m not suggesting to lie when it comes to being questioned about the decal, but it’s time that we reach a point where we can move beyond the fear of being associated with a particular group.

The real victory is that many more people beyond the LGBT community sport HRC decals on their cars.

There’s a wonderful story of the town in Germany during Hitler’s reign that when the SS came through and told the Mayor that all the Jews had to wear a colored armband to be easily identified when the troops came back through the town in a few days – the Mayor asked ALL the people to don the arm bands. They did. In that particular town, there was no slaughter that day.

Know who I feel really sorry for right now? Anyone living in the US who comes from the Middle East. Let’s talk to them about hiding from prejudice. Some people are hated just because they look Mediterranean and have a tan. “Hey, is Osama your cousin?”

As LGBT persons, we can choose to stay closeted. And let’s face it – that is a survival tactic for many still today.

But for those of us who can afford to open a dialog with others – an HRC decal is a great way to start. You don’t have to “label” yourself in order to enter into a dialog.

I’d like to invite you to my wordpress blog, msqueer.wordpress.com for some additional thoughts.

In the meantime, thanks for the courage to share your “fear.” Just bringing it out into the open helps to lessen it, and when that happens, we all move forward!


©2008 MsQueer.com. All rights reserved.


Hopefully “meaningful dialog” can turn the tide of prejudice. As for the marriage issue – I’m not so sure we shouldn’t just leave that to the heterosexuals. It’s the word the protesters are trying to protect. So, I say, let them have their “word” – “marriage.” Give us the rights we’re seeking. Who cares what you call it when you have equal rights under the laws of the state.

©2008 MsQueer.com. All rights reserved.

Speaking Youth to Power by Michael Crawford

“For us, race, gender and sexuality don’t really matter anymore as a factor in judgment of one’s character. We are for the most part the first generation that transcends such superficial human traits and sees everyone on the same playing field.” – Bless your youth and innocence. I hope your estimation of your generation is correct. If it is, remember those who have gone before you to blaze that trail. Some have had to face the discrimination that you feel you’ve “transcended.” Some of us risked our lives so that you could be openly out.

As you move from the idyllic college world where idealism rules, may you retain your conviction and dedication to your beliefs. Stay strong. Be the light that goes forward. Our sexuality is indeed just an aspect of our many-sided selves. Your leadership will inspire others because you are inspired.

Walk in courage. You are a good heart. Don’t let that outside world tarnish your vision. Be well, and may you enjoy much success for yourself and on behalf of the many.

©2008 MsQueer.com. All rights reserved.

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