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Stay Tuned…
May 16, 2009

Please note: Due to unfortunate circumstances, I will temporarily be able to make fewer posts that previously managed. For those of you who have followed this blog, I appreciate your support.  I especially want to thank all The L Word fans who keep coming back for more news!!!

I am currently looking for a donation of a laptop that could help keep going. (Sorry, I am not tax-deductable). If you, or someone you know might be able to assist with this please contact me through the email link at the bottom of the blog page.

I has been my goal all along to provide news as well as newsworthy commentary and a rich resource online for LGBT persons and allies.  If you would like to help to see this accomplished click here.

Thanks and I will be here as often as possible! 🙂 MsQueer

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May 1, 2009

Never mind that the countdown to Laurel Holloman’s May 23rd 2009 birthday started on the (now defunct) Our Chart TeeLu Threads the day after 2008’s event (with some incredible artwork and photos that defy you to keep certain parts of the anatomy – which will remain un-named here – 🙂 – dry)…Devoted fans of The L Word actress are ramping up again to do another fundraising drive to help  Ms. Holloman’s favored charity, Doctors Without Borders. (see prior post:

In a remarkable show of what can be accomplished by online social networking, message board and chat communities, fans of Laurel Holloman have already raised $22,000 for the humanitarian Doctors Without Borders.

This year, to encourage all who contribute whatever amount,  manager of the official, Angela K. has posted this announcement:

“the site is donating a number of signed photographs including: 1 photograph of Laurel with Jennifer Beals signed by both; 1 photograph of Laurel with Rachel Shelley signed by both; 1 signed photograph of Laurel; 1 signed photograph of Rachel Shelley; 1 L Word CD signed by Kate Moennig. Everybody who donates during April, May and June, however big or small the donation, will be entered into a draw for the above prizes. Please give to this very worthwhile charity, and wish Laurel a happy birthday.”

Organizers are requesting that supportive fans help to spread the word on message boards and relevant websites. Secured donation can be made at:

More information at; and, where you can leave a personal message and Birthday Greetings to Laurel.

TeeLu Fans Unite!!! Spread the word, spread some good work!

🙂 MsQueer

©2009 All rights reserved.

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